We aim to capture your day in the most authentic,

non-intrusive way possible.

If you are here we hope you found something that you connected with -

so thank you for stopping by. Our approach to wedding photography is

non-intrusive and fuss-free. We enjoy making images that are authentic and heart-felt. We believe that’s achieved by understanding your needs as a couple and weaving a story that is an accurate and moving representation of your big day. We like to keep posing to the minimum. Even if there are some shots that aren’t entirely candid, we believe forcing an emotion defies the very purpose of what we are trying to do. So we help you find your comfort-zone and wait for the magic to unfold.

We also believe that you are the centre of this story telling journey. We will always put your needs in the forefront - we want you to tell your story through us. While we will offer our expertise to get the most of your day, YOU are the hero of this story.

Your story is the

centre of this






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You wouldn’t believe it if we told you, but almost 99% of the couples we meet tell us this exact same thing. And that’s okay.

It’s our job to make you feel comfortable. We never ever expect a couple to fake emotions or neither do we set them up in dramatic poses. That isn’t our style and if you are here, we hope it’s not your cup of tea either. With minimal direction, we simply tell our couples to have a conversation or engage in a little banter. Eventually, we find that we almost disappear from the scene and then the magic happens.

We hate posing/We are terrible at it. What do we do ?

I mean we are wedding photographers so this is probably biased but we believe in power of images. We’ve always felt that the photograph is timeless whereas moments are fleeting. Images are heirlooms you pass on. Your wedding is a day your closest family and friends gather to celebrate in one place and the images made on this day are invaluable. We hope our images act like time portals - helping you revisit your fondest memories.

Why should I invest in wedding photography?

While most of our packages our customised, our basic package begins at 1,10,000 INR. Get in touch with us for more information on deliverables.

What is my investment ?

What is the timeline for delivery of images ?

We hate delays and have a strict 4-6 week delivery schedule.

What are other services do you offer?

We also have a team that does traditional photography and videography. If you have requirements for a wedding film or Photo Booth services, get in touch with us and we will be happy to recommend our partners.

We love to travel and are available to shoot across the world.

Our package pricing is inclusive of travel across India. Get in touch for more details.

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