Saja & Arjun

Saja and Arjun’s four-day wedding was a one-of-a-kind Indian-Lebanese bash in Aleppey. We shot Arjun’s brother’s wedding a couple of years ago and got a call back for his own. We’re always thrilled when families invite us back to be a part of their celebrations. Given that there is so much talent around, we find it humbling. We’ve never shot a Lebanese wedding before and we were in for a treat. We always assumed that it was hard to beat Indian wedding dancing but we must now admit that it’s a tie. Indian bhangra – 1 Lebanese Dabke – 1.

Saja and Arjun also had the chilliest vibe of any couple we’ve shot and perhaps the only couple to ace headstands. So, the pictures are a celebration of culture, love and excellent dancing.

Venue – Vasundhara Sarovar, Allepey